Firewalker Australian Terriers, Who are we?


We are located in Gloucester, Virginia and have lived here since 1982. My first experiences with pure bred dogs were Australian Silky Terriers my family acquired when we lived in the South Pacific when I was 10 years old. The male, Sidney, was my best friend for many years! Mom bred three litters and they were all valued pets among our friends and family.

After I was married I acquired my first Australian Shepherd, Chelsea. Chelsea filled the void left by Sidney when he went over the rainbow bridge. After spending years as my constant companion, be it horseback riding every day or sleeping next to my bed, she and I were introduced to the Dog Show World. Chelsea didn't like the tension and noise so I bred her and kept one of her puppies, Mustang. With Mustang I enjoyed learning about conformation, obedience, agility and herding. I wasn't very good with any of them but I had a great time trying and enjoyed the mentorship and friendship of some wonderful people in the Gloucester Kennel Club and the Australian Shepherd Club of America. At age 4 Mustang was diagnosed with sub-laxation of the hips (even though both parents had been tested and graded OFA Good) and had to be retired from competitions. Having been bitten by the show bug I purchased another Australian Shepherd. She and I never hit it off since she didn't have Chelsea and Mustang's wonderful temperament. She was way too busy for me! Luckily a friend's sister was looking for an Aussie with her qualifications and she moved on to a different home.

After Mustang passed away, I acquired a Jack Russell Terrier, Kar Dargo. Not long afterward, my first Australian Terrier, Tara, came to live with me and with her came a wonderful opportunity to grow under the

mentorship of Sabine, breeder of Aussome Aussies. It was a long trip to accomplish her Championship, but after much hard work and diligence, we were finally able to achieve our goal. After many years of love and companionship, Tara and Dargo are still with our family.


Firewalker Australian Terriers got it's name in 2003 when a young red male puppy came to live with us. We had spent the day in the back yard burning branches that had been blown out of the trees by the devastating winds of Hurricane Isabelle. After watching to make sure the flames in the firepit had died to just glowing coals, we decided to call it a night. "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy" had that little guy trotting across the yard in our direction. When he got to the firepit he didn't stop or go around. He kept up that nice easy trot, right across those bright red bits of burning wood! Careful inspection of those little feet provided healthy little pads, not a blister or singed hair to be found! Thus the birth of our kennel name... Firewalker!

That little guy is now known as BISS CH Aussome Cherokee Firewalker CGC, "Flame" and is the foundation stud for our kennel.

Aka Inu kennels allowed me to co-own a fun red female called Cena. She is the third dog I have shown for a championship title. Her full name is CH Aka Inu Azucena Firewalker. She is the mother to all of our adorable puppies. Our first two litters have been raised and sent to carefully picked homes and we still recieve pictures from time to time. We ended up keeping a bitch from our second litter, Dazi, and she is now working on her championship and will one day provide a litter of her own. We look forward to a future with our loving companions and hope the joy they bring us never ends.