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Welcome. In these pages our hope is for you to see the beauty and personality of our dogs through pictures. If you are interested in any of the photos please contact us. We have most available at much higher resolutions than are shown on our website.

Our dogs are not just pets, they are family. They sleep in our beds, enjoy meals with us in the family room, and go on road trips. We pride ourselves on how easily our dogs get along with other people. From birth we play with them and handle them. The intelligence of the Australian Terrier makes them seem as though they are people themselves. Each has a unique personality, but they all have one thing in common, love.

Australian Terriers are a family dog. Once they claim you as theirs, you are theirs for life. No matter where you go your Aussie will follow. If you are sad for any reason, your Aussie will be right there to kiss your face and cuddle up with you. They enjoy playing and hunting for tiny creatures. So beware to the little mice and squirrels that haunt your houses and backyards. Though the Aussie is a lover and will stick to you, it may chase after one of those small critters, so a large fenced in backyard is perfect for them.

Hopefully you will fall in love with the amazing personality of the Australian Terrier just as we have. Enjoy our website and maybe someday an Aussie will be just the companion you have always been looking for.

(written by Rose, age 17)