(I have rearranged the order of the posts... now the most current is first!)

Dec 24, 2013 --- A lot has happened in the last month. All the puppies now have homes! Eve will go live in Georgia with Karen and Jewel will live in Northern VA with Jim. Jim and his son have decided that they will be calling Jewel "Daisy" when she goes home with them. These are both fantastic homes for my babies! I want to welcome Karen, Jim and Dale to the Firewalker Aussie Family! Oh... Dale may even be interested in helping to show Dawn! Stay tuned for future developments on that front. Also, Megan, Trent is as sweet at Flame! I know he won't replace Toby in your heart but I am sure he will take up a really big piece of it!

The puppies have learned to walk on a leash (even took their first road trip to visit the "Juicy Girls" at Juicy Couture at the Outlet Mall . Rose is an avid shopper and bought them each their own "fashion sweater" for the outing. They will quickly outgrow the sweaters but Rose says that is OK since they were able to "Dress to Impress"! LOL! And impress they did. There was a steady crowd of people asking about them and the breed. All the puppies took the attention in stride. Their next visit will be to Aunt Marsha's house. Marsha owned Flame's sire, Vinny, and will help video tape movement of her great grand babies. She is also a dear friend and I can't wait to see her!

The puppies have learned to use the doggy door to their puppy yard. They rarely have "accidents" in the puppy room and most of them make it on the paper. They are also learning to sit on command for a treat. What a fun age!!! They are evolving into responsive little dogs at a rapid pace now. They are 10 weeks old on Thursday so I only have a little more than 2 weeks left to have them all together. Time to go spend some more time with them!

Nov 24, 2013 --- Our newest litter (XANTH -- Sire: Flame and Dam: Cena) was born October 17th, 2013. The boy, Trent, will be going to PA to live with Megan and her new husband, Nate. The pick of the litter among the girls will stick closer to home to live with Dale. They will both be co-owned and kept intact as show prospects. The other two girls are still available. They have generated interest and several families are "thinking about it". This is OK as we will not be choosing the "pick" until they are at least 8 weeks old and may even change who the pick female is when they reach 12 weeks old.

Feb 3, 2012 ---- The question of this litter has been "Who's your daddy?"

......................... Got the DNA back from AKC today....................... drum roll please.........................

.................................Notice All In At Southern Cross (Ace) is the daddy! ..................................... Now I can go register the whole litter as a single sire litter. I'm not surprised. All the puppies have their ears up most of the time and they are only 10.5 weeks old. Flame puppies ears are so big that I have had to tape them up while they are teething so that the stay up.

Jan 31, 2012 ---- Luna and Tonks now both have families that they will be going to live with after they turn 12 weeks old (They all turned 10 weeks old today!) Luna will be going to live with Mattie and Robert in Charlotte, NC and Tonks will be going to live with Gaynell in upstate New York. I want to let everyone that visited and met my dogs over the last couple of months how much I have enjoyed their company. It is always fun talking to new people about this breed. It is also exciting to show off my babies (both young and old!). I welcome anyone that wants to talk about my dogs or the breed in general to please email me. I would love to talk to you!

Jan 22, 2012 ---- Took some video of Luna and Tonks today. They are posted on the Dumbledor's Army litter page. This is the first time they are wearing collars so they have to stop every once in a while to scratch. Hope you enjoy the videos! The frame size of Luna's is kind of small since it has been while since I've used the Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos. I didn't get it figured out again until after her video was done. I'll have to redo it since I really love her interactions with Flame on the logs!

Jan 17, 2012 ---- Well, it has been a very busy couple of weeks! Be sure to check out the the new photo gallery ("6-8 weeks" on the Dumbledor's Army litter page). My brother Tim and his wife Wanda came from SC for a visit with the family and stopped by to see the puppies.

Kelsey visited to meet the puppies... Lavender will be going home with her when she moves into her new condo. Kelsey's sister, Megan, owns Toby, a puppy from the Dukes of Gloucester litter. Kelsey and her mom, Pat, also came by to visit the puppies before the going away party for Lindsey. (Lindsey is leaving us to be a Knaus Fellow in Washington DC. Go Lindsey!!) The puppies got a LOT of socialization during the party. They were handled by every kid...young and old alike!

The puppies made their first road trips yesterday and today. The first trip was to visit Pat in Poquoson for their 8 week evaluation. After their evaluations on the grooming table, they were allowed play time on the Agility equipment Pat has set up for her Papillons. The puppies had NO FEAR! They didn't even hesitate going across the balance board! They wore themselves out!!

The next day (on their 8 week birthday) they too a LONG trip. We went over 2 hours to Marsha's house. They even got to go on a 20 minute ferry ride across the James River. I am very proud of how well the puppies handled the trips.... like troopers! No messes at all and no fussing after the first couple of minutes.

Marsha and Pat concurred... Dean is definately a keeper (a good thing since Bruce has informed me that we are keeping him!). They also agree that Ginny and Lavender are the pick females. Lavender will be going home with Kelsey and Ginny will live with my mother. Both Ginny and Lavender will stay with me until after the ATCA National Specialty in May.

Now we need to find good homes for Luna and Tonks...


Jan 5, 2012 ---- Wooo Hooo! I have the contact form working! Try it out... send me a message ;^)


Jan. 4, 2012 ---- I am finally able to go live on my new website hosted by I still have issues with the contact page (can't get the form I created to work so will now just hope you can contact me through a link). Also, the pictures download slower than I thought they would but once downloaded the pages are working pretty well. Please check back often to see updates. I will post here what I have changed. I still have to put in information about the girls and hope to put links for each of the puppies to pictures provided by their new families.