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An Australian Terrier isn't for everyone. A friend of mine signs her e-mail "Give Blood, Tease a Terrier". If you know a terrier, you know it is true. Australian Terriers, like any terrier, can be testy. They, however, can be warm, loving companions if trained properly and treated with respect. They are individuals with varied personalities. Some are so intelligent they keep you guessing what they will come up with next (usually something you would prefer they didn't do!) With careful training and patience, these are the ones that can excel in obedience, rally and agility (while you can keep them focused). Others are clowns that will keep you rolling on the floor with laughter. They are also hunters... they dig for their prey and will destroy your favorite flower bed in their quest. Life with an Aussie is never boring!

Before you decide on a Aussie, get to know as many of them as possible. Go to dog shows and visit breeders in your area. You can find a dog show near you by checking the show calendar at INFODOG. The Australian Terrier Club of America is the national breed club and you can find their web site at On their web site you can learn about the breed (History, Breed Standard, and about their health issues) as well as find breeders in your area to talk to.

The Flame and Cena litter born Dec 3, 2008 is the first Australian Terrier litter I have bred. It is not my first litter however. Over the years, my family and myself have had Silky Terrier, Australian Shepherd and Beagle puppies. All the puppies are handled from birth and become a part of the family. They are socialized with the older dogs and experience everything from grooming to the vacuum cleaner before they go to their new homes. You can see the pedigrees of the litters that I have bred and find information and pictures of the puppies on OUR PUPPIES PAGE